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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Travel to Santorini one of the most beautiful islands of Greece!

Fira is the capital of Santorini and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful settlements of Greece, along with Ia. It is built on a naturally impressive site, on top of the cliffs and along the fringe of the caldera at an altitude of 260m. The haven of the town is Fira's bay, where someone can get the teleferique to go up to the town.

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Alternatively, you can choose going up to town with a donkey or by foot if you are even more adventurous! The view towards the sea captivates you so much that I suggest you be very careful if you pick the latter option (go up by foot) – the cliff is steep and not guarded.
Fira was founded at the end of the 18thC and has been built in the traditional Cycladic architectural style. The houses are brilliant white, small, with domes and arches and lots of little windows along their sides, overlooking the beach; together, they cheekily sneak out from the narrow streets and tease you. Along the fridge of the caldera, the terraces become balconies for the nearby houses.

However, despite the traditional neighborhoods, the bright white houses and the blue domed churches, a walk around the island’s busier streets - where shops and cafes have proudly claimed their space - will make you realize that you really are in one of the cosmopolitan Greek islands.

Santorini Volcano
Santorini owes its existence to it's volcano. Being the only geological phenomenon of the Aegean Sea, the volcano created a place of unique beauty in its heart.
Both Santorini and its volcano will undoubtedly fascinate you. It co-exists with the underwater one of Koloumbos, which is situated 8klm from Santorini, Nisiros, Milos and Methana, as well as the rest of the volcanoes in the Aegean Sea.

Santorini's volcano became active 2,5 million years ago and is still active to this day. Its latest volcanic surface in the Eastern Mediterranean was created just 50 years ago, on the island of Nea Kameni.




Wow, this is beautiful! Just added another must stop to my list!

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beautiful pictures..:-)
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Thanks for a very informative post. Greece is definitely one of the best spots especially for lovers. The ambiance is very romantic.

Wow what a great place it is just like Im in the era where jesus crist is still alive. Thanks for your wonderful post

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Hey very nice post with lots of info. about Santorini....luring more to plan right now....May I know what language the locals speak....I am very much interested to go...

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