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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Travel Tips: Air Travel

Here are a few luggage-related tips that will help when travelling by air:

1) Always find out what the limits are in terms of size, weight and contents for hand baggage;
2) Be aware that all your luggage may be opened by airport security staff;
3) Always ensure that your checked in bags are easily identified when on a luggage carousel;
4) Make certain that your baggage will not become snagged due to protrusions or straps when on the luggage conveyor system;
5) If you are carrying a laptop you will need to keep it with you as hand luggage;
6) Put all your valuables in your hand luggage;
7) Be prepared for baggage loss by ensuring you have essentials in your hand luggage.

Be aware that you can save a fortune on Glasgow airport parking by booking in advance.
Mark Miwords ID2205

Tip for Relieving Air Pressure in your Ears new

Try eating an apple when taking off and landing (this works best for kids, as they cannot chew gum properly yet); for adults, chew gum.
Charlotte ID2215 

A Little Preparation ...

I find that a combination of several common tips goes a long way toward preventing flying problems, or at least making them more tolerable. I go with one carry-on, make sure it's a little smaller than the minimum size, bring my own food and drink onto the plane, bring at least one good book if not two, eat in the airport before the flight, and get to the airport a little early. I've never had to check a bag, and I've never had missing or damaged luggage. I've never been bored during flight delays. I've never been hungry or thirsty on flights. A little preparation goes a long way.
Thomas Miller

Advance Attention to Safety

When boarding the aircraft, make a mental note of all exits, and count how many seat rows you pass from the exit to your row. This will expedite your escape route in case of an emergency landing if there is smoke and/or power loss in the cabin. And by all means, pay attention to the flight crew! No matter how boring or uninteresting it may sound, their instructions are vital ... and read the aircraft emergency procedure manual completely before takeoff. These are located in the pouch right in front of you. Do this - it pays to be prepared for flight. Knowledge is power, and armed with the basics you can sit back and enjoy your flight.
Adam Taylor 



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