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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why to travel to Ibiza?

Top 5 Reasons to travel to Ibiza.


1. Nightlife
Surprise surprise, Ibiza's nightlife is one of the main draws to the island. With award-winning international dj's fighting to play there, the world's biggest clubs and most famous bars, if you're looking to party then Ibiza is the place to go. We've got the lowdown on the island's best bars and top Ibiza clubs so you make it to all the best fiestas. Visit Ibiza Nightlife for more information.
The words 'Ibiza' and 'Nightlife' fit together seamlessly. If you're a nightowl looking for fun and endless entertainment then Ibiza nightlife will be your idea of heaven. In addition to the enormous clubs which can be found on the little island, Ibiza is also home to some world famous bars and some excellent restaurants. So make sure you get the best from Ibiza nightlife with our guide to the island's hottest spots.
2. Beaches
The 'white island' is world renowned for its long, beautiful coastline and endless choice of beaches. Whether you're looking for a lively spot to continue partying or an isolated cove to relax in, Ibiza has it all. Check out our guide to Ibiza beaches for more information and be prepared to sizzle in the sun and splash about in the clear blue waters.
Many people who choose to holiday in Ibiza have one principal objective - to enjoy the island's plethora of sun-drenched beaches. The beauty of Ibiza's coastline is that there are beaches to suit all tastes. Whether you want an isolated cove to bask in the sun, to continue partying from the night before, or seek out a family friendly place, there will be an Ibiza beach to suit your needs - you just need to know where to look for it.
Whilst many of Ibiza's biggest resorts are packed during the summer months with clubbers and families alike all fighting for a place to set up camp, there are endless places to escape to if you're looking for a bit of peace and quiet or are in search of a more unique beach bar experience.
3. Weather
Ibiza has such a great climate it makes it a perfect holiday destination at any time of year. You can either choose to make the most of the boiling hot summer days and long balmy nights or escape for a bit of winter sun when the temperature is milder but the sun still shines. See Ibiza weather for more information.
4. Hippy Markets
Famous for its laid back boho vibe that has attracted hippies to Ibiza since the 70's, a trip to the island will not be complete without visiting one of its infamous hippy markets. You can pick up trinkets, jewellery, clothes and keepsakes to remind you of your trip. 
5. Festivals
Summer parties aside, Ibiza has a whole lots of festivals which fill up the cultural calendar no end. Whether you want to catch a religious celebration or a traditional Balearic party, there is always something going on in Ibiza. 



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