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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Visit the beautiful Parga in Greece

Parga is a wondrous picturesque town located in the northwestern Greece. It looks more like an Island than a city as such it is located in the western coastline of Greece and it surrounded by beautiful beaches! Parga is a wonderful place with many sightseeings and there are great places which you have visit during your visit in Parga.

Some weeks ago Ntitoras Christos created a Tourist Blog ( with the aim to promote the beauty of Parga an the wider area of Epirus to all over the world.

Unfortunately the Greek Tourism has been hurt significantly because of the demonstrations and some bad incidents that took place the last weeks and affect negatively the image of Greece and many people who had planned to travel to Greece canceled their vacations there.

Tourism accounts for 17% of Greek GDP and a great percent of the greek labor force is occupied in the tourism sector. Anyone that has the ability has to do their best to help and support the Greek Tourism. The individual efforts of the greek citizens will play a vital role in the recovery of the greek economy.

In the blog there are many photos, videos of Parga, useful information for tourists, information about Events in Parga, various links related to Parga and other useful stuff!

Visit the link below and you will find a lot of information about beautiful Parga:



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